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Greetings and welcome to my corner of the universe.

Some art is a way of refining my questions of life and myself, while others seem to be answers. Some art is whimsy. Sometimes I'm an artist. Sometimes I think I'm an artist.
And sometimes I'm just an idiot holding a pencil.

almost everything is interactive in some fashion

just open up your senses and your mind.

"You might listen yourself and see what you hear, for if a river speaks to you... Well, it is one of the voices of the world like the wind or the moving sea."

Sean Russell, The One Kingdom

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Other Interests


© Copyright and Creative Commons

Quotations are available under Creative Commons Licence.

Many are created in vector format and are available in PDF format.
Some can be enlarged (on request).

Most other artwork on this website is copyright.

There are circumstances where I will allow use of copyrighted images.
Write and tell me the details; ask. I don't like my artwork modified.


Updated June 10, 2020

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