Mass Extinctions

2019 - major UN report shows one million species face extinction

Nature doesn't need people, people need nature-
Harrison Ford
Bill McKibben-
Bill McKibben
Thunberg, UN Climate Speech-
Greta Thunberg

Elisabeth Kolbert-
Elisabeth Kolbert
A Short History of Progress-
Ronald Wright
Extinction - Ronald Wright-
Ronald Wright

North America lost 3 billion birds since 1970

Audubon Climate Study

As the climate changes,
so will the places birds need.

Survival by Degrees: 389 Species on the Brink

The results are clear: Birds will be forced to relocate to find
favorable homes. And they may not survive. By stabilizing
carbon emissions and holding warming to 1.5°C above
pre-industrial levels, 76 percent of vulnerable species
will be better off, and nearly 150 species would no longer be
vulnerable to extinction from climate change.

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