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Some days, people make so much noise you can't hear the sounds of nature; You can't even crank up your own music to blot their noise.

Some people can't distinguish between noise and music.

So many millionaires and billionaires now and so many poor and homeless. At this rate, there won't be any middle classes.

When my ship came in, it was a submarine. I almost drowned.

The last few generations have been creating new acronyms and slang (online) faster than I can keep up... Which can be confusing when the new ones displace identical older ones.

2020 What a year. COVID-19 followed by Black Lives Matter along with police violence and brutality against unarmed and peaceful protestors. These have overshadowed other important issues, like the environment, gender equality, poverty and more. Humanity is juggling too many things... can we fix enough of it to make a difference?

U.S. Republican politics and media has degraded so wretchedly, I wonder if it can even be salvaged.

A lot of people are sick of hearing and seeing Trump and there is no cure; can the media just stop reporting this fraud?.

America! Make the world great again; DUMP TRUMP.

What goes on in your home, your backyard and your street is your reality and not most of t.v. programming, unless you live in Hollywood or Vegas or similar.

First there was Jonestown; now Trumptown. We need a new word - STUPIDCIDES.

The new normal isn't here yet and may not even have a chance to start until there's a vaccine. And that's 2021 and eventually, like the sun rising, we'll evolve into our individual and collective 'normals.' Whatever that might be...

IMO the media & press are handling DT poorly. IGNORE him: he is a showman and thrives on an audience, on controversy. Whatever he perceives as negative in the audience, he can dismiss, belittle, ignore and often enough turn it to advantage; he's been doing this for years. Ignore him and see who remains to cover his inanities. Focus on what is NEWS and useful to people, not the jester. Ignore DT and report on all the people making a positive difference with COVID-19.

It seems that 'canned laughter' is a victim of COVID-19, or at least temporarily.

Wondering if hand santizer dispensers were designed by Fred Flarsky?

There was the Midas touch: a curse really. But now we have another curse - the DT touch, where everything turns to shit; and there's a toilet paper shortage...

Greek Mythology: The Golden Apple of Discord. Sounds a lot like the Oscars, just that there's a lot more golden statues of discord and snubs. How about 2nd and 3rd place winners?

Shouldn't we rename right-wing and left-wing violence and terrorism, as WRONG-WING or Broken Wing?

It's getting harder and harder to 'turn off' anything Trump; it oozes into everything. Good luck USA, please build a wall around this guy; he's contaminating the world.

Prediction: If Trump wins another 4 years in office, I predict that Trump & the Republicans, will make a strong effort, (by hook or by crook), to extend the presidency beyond two terms... Ammendment XXII. Well, that will guarantee employment for commedians.

Oscars 2020; probably more wealth on display than I would earn in 100 lifetimes...

My condolences America! You are so very close to being another country that elects a dictatorship. Chris Hedges predicted failed democracy and the collapse of the American Empire in his book: "America, The Fairwell Tour."

U.S. politics and Hollywood showbiz awards & red carpets; Such a wide gap between my life and those people's lives, I feel I must be living on a different planet. Who will win the Oscars? Who will win the election? I'm watching while the world burns...

As someone who hasn't owned a tv for about 20 years, it's a big shock to start watching again. I've started a few dozen movies, only to quit and shift to something else more palatable. Still, it's a fascinating exploration and there's a few worthwhile shows and movies. But it's oversaturated. Soon, VR could well be the pinnacle of voyerism.

So Trump junior, a trophy hunter with a high powered rifle is considered an accomplished conservationalist? Wow! So, that's like saying a serial killer is a euthanasia specialist?

My condolence to the USA; your government, democracy and equality just got fucked by the Republicans.

Reality T.V. and politics... Movies like "The Running Man" and "Hunger Games," are closer to reality...

"Rape isn't consensual, Harvey. However, a lot of people will consent when you go to prison.

To the Church of England and other ultra-conservatives - you do realize according to your bible, that Adam and Eve were living and procreating in sin, since they were never married, never husband and wife. Stop making up rules for how people should live their lives.

Now that US politics, D.T., the media and entertainment have collided. How long before D.T. builds a colosseum for gladiatorial combats and other cruel entertainments?

Millenia, centuries, years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds. Seconds? Where did that come from? What happened to 1sts and 3rds?

Hey US Republican and ultra-conservative lawmakers: when will it be women's turn to tell you men what to do with your bodies? What laws would they pass? It will be an interesting list.

Alcohol, pot, drugs, religion, sports, (Hollywood) movies, television, reality t.v., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.; what are people really seeking through these? And has anyone really found anything? I think they're still looking.

U.S. Republican and ultra-conservatives efforts on controlling women's bodies. How about a women's group in charge of men's bodies? How would that work out?

After years of daylight savings times, all the compound interest, when do I get a 48 hour day?

Trying out Netflix (along side Amazon Prime). Haven't watched tv for almost 20 years now. There's just too fucking many programs and movies now.

graphic vertical line

Are people too fixated on the visuals of tv and Hollywood? In the past, it was mostly male heroes like Hercules, Perseus and Odysseus or fictional heroes from books. They were role models, not role-playing models. People seem to be stuck on the visual emulation of comic book heroes or celebrities and not the qualities they represent or signify.. I've never seen or heard of anyone role-playing Nelson Mandela or Ghandi or Mother Teresa.

After seeing D.T. rallies and multiple interviews with his supporters... (bobbleheads) How do you counter so much ignorance? This isn't a cohesive group or even a gang; it's more like a t.v. show audience commandeered into a mob.

Words change. When I was a kid, 'swipe' meant to steal; now it's something you do to your mobile device.

Easy choice. I could continue to make dust renovating my kitchen or buy a new wood lathe and make more dust... (pictures to follow soon)

Are all those lights to celebrate Christmas? Or is it the fear of those long dark winter nights? Where's the majesty of the Milky Way without darkness?

So I read a corporation or company loses 16 million dollars. Does it fall off a truck or out of someone's pocket? Should I go looking for it? Maybe a reward if I find it? I guess I don't understand high finance.

Times change. I remember when there were only 12 days of Christmas and none of them was a Black Friday.

Sometimes I feel that some people are parts of the same puzzle, seeking to be whole again.

My compass keeps pointing in a direction that's out of reach and beyond my intellect. But I'll stay on course as wobbly as it may be.

Shakespeare said, "all the world's a stage," but cameras, cell phones, social media and the Internet is altering society and culture dramatically. The camera lens can turn everyone into an actor whether they are consciously aware or not. "Look at me" may become a new behavioural syndrome.

The more people focus on our differences, they ignore our similarities. We are all born of women on the same planet, breathing the same air.

Of all human memories, hate seems to be the longest lived; on Remembrance day, don't forget the sacrifices of the many.

We walk our own path between fantasy and reality; Sometimes we leave footprints for others to follow and sometimes we find someone else's footprints.

We symbolize, iconize, embody and acknowledge animals and nature in our culture; flags, sports, emblems, trademarks, advertising and marketing. And yet we ignore them in real life, damage and destroy their habitat or exploit them to extinction.

I really don't understand why anyone would buy let alone wear pre-ripped jeans or 'distressed jeans.' Maybe some day a woman of fashion will explain this to me.

Not sure if I'm getting better at failing or worse at succeeding.

I used to be 'fast and furious,' but now I'm just slow and curious...

There's small consolation in being 'right' when you're disbelieved or ignored.

Beginning to believe that RAP may be just another means of obliterating the silence that people can't tolerate. Or is it a fear of silence?

It's a criminal offense to live off the avails of prostitution; but legal to live off the avails of religion and political office.

Election Time: Politicians promise to do things they could have done already or babble on and waste time pointing fingers at other politicians. Stop talking and start doing."

'falling through the cracks...' They are aren't cracks anymore, they are ever widening gaps, primarily caused by various patriarchies, political, capitalistic/social, totalitarian... Gender gaps, wage gaps, racial gaps, cultural gaps.

Ned Stark said,“Winter is coming.” but political winter has already arrived in the U.S., England and other 'democratic' countries.

“With tech advances in film and photography in altering age and looks, it won't be too long before Hollywood Stars, well known personalities and performers will have to copyright their image, looks and style not only as artists but as people. It will make for some interesting plagiarism law suits and a means of spreading more fake news and bent and twisted opinions.”

“Modern automobiles look alike. If they only came in one colour, how would people tell them apart?”

“I've had better years; just not recently, like other people I've talked to...”

“Tailgaters: Anxious people in a hurry to be somewhere else, doing something else and not paying much attention to where they are and what they're doing.”

“RAP - I guess I'm old-fashioned or just old. I get the rhythm and poetry. But where's the music? Where's the singing? Music is for the ears. RAP seems focused on the visual, the visceral, posturing, strutting and attitude. I've yet to see a RAPPER play an instrument. ”

“Streaming, streaming, streaming; it's turning into a nasty money competition, reminiscent of the dot com era. Streams flow into rivers and we're good at polluting rivers. Will the biggest river be the Amazon or the Disney? ”

“Why are we fucking up the planetary thermostat? ”

“'Losing your virginity' is such an odd phrase; Has anyone ever found theirs? You don't lose anything, you gain something. At the least, an experience. It's a change, a transformation, like puberty, or becoming an adult, or retiring. ”

“Maybe some personal Mysteries can only be experienced and lived instead of being understood and solved. ”

“The abyss. Life is bright but blurry; will my soul pull me back here? ”

“You can lead people to the truth, but you can't make them believe it.”

“An atheist doesn't believe in god but can't prove god doesn't exist; a religious person believes in a god but can't prove god exists. There's no problem until one or both attempt to externalize their belief and dogmatically impose it on others. Proof becomes irrelevant; it's a clash of wills. ”

“What is the connection between creativity, the subconscious and dreaming?”

“Can't tell which is worse. Fanaticism or relentless stupidity and ignorance.”

“Broadcast the real news; ignore the fake president.”

“If there's a choice between a straight path, a circular path or a spiral path, choose the spiral; any movement is both inward and outward and up and down at the same time.”

“It seems most of the people who design kitchen utensils, gadgets and appliances, obviously never had to clean them.”

“ It is annoyingly common to encounter people who have robust opinions for things they know nothing about...”

“Why are so many pro-lifers talking civil war in the USA? War is not pro-life and a terrible choice to impose on anyone else over their rights.

“Without time, can anything change?”

“People. What can you really tell about anyone just by looking? Photographs can be soooo misleading.”

“Either/or. Our culture (and a lot of people) are stuck in a binary realm that leaves little or no room for grey. It excludes and denies. Why does it generate so much fear?”

“If you take away space and time, what's left?”

Long Shot? Is there a short cut to a long shot or is that just in the movies?”

“The path of regret is not the path to growth.”

“With all the daylight savings time I've experienced, I should have a 48 hour day by now. And, yes, I could really use it. ”

“Where do memories go when you forget?”

“Bailout; survival of the fattest.”

“The purpose of a prophecy or premonition is to heighten awareness of your choices and their consequences; Fate is having no choices, or believing you have no choices...”

“Much of what propels people, is not rational.”

“I wonder how much of the world’s economy is driven by hate.”

“Why is it that you can remember that you forgot something, but you can’t remember what you forgot?”

“Corporations are not democratic. Thus a large part of our culture is totalitarian; your only 'vote' is to quit.”

“In relationships, there’s no such thing as an equilateral TRIANGLE.”

“I’ve crawled to the edge of my own chaos and it’s difficult to stay here. It’s both an abyss and a ladder, where direction is either lost or meaningless. The abyss is inviting, but so is the urge to crawl back to safety.”

“Is it true only because I believe it to be true?”

“I woke up on the wrong side of gravity.”

“The future isn’t what it used to be.”

“Make driving interesting again: Get rid of stop signs, traffic signs and highway signs. What’s the point? Most people ignore them. People will have to pay attention to what’s going on. No more cell phones, blasting radios and eating meals. Drive! ”

“How come my car insurance premiums don’t depreciate as fast as my car value?”

“One night a year, in all cities and towns, all outside lights must be turned off. Let us see the majesty and splendor of the night sky as our distant ancestors did. Enable us to see the grandeur of the universe.”

“Shoelaces; It warms my heart that here is something that technology can’t possibly make more complicated; software companies can’t endlessly force you to upgrade.”

“Sometimes, in the making of a movie the book is destroyed.”

“If you cut enough corners, you just go around in circles.”

“Even the most intelligent of people can do something stupid.”

“Water flows downhill; Money flows uphill.”

“If all things were equal, popcorn would pop all at once.”

“If, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction—What about the Big Bang?”

“If the Muses visit us—Who visits the Muses?”

“If diamonds are forever, why do we have to pay now?”

“God has no favorites.”

“The talent of the artist is not special. It is the talent of children. It is a talent of seeing and of believing.”

“It's obvious a lawyer did not draw up the ten commandments.”

“The louder the complaint, the quieter the apology.”

“It’s difficult to have any respect for something you are unaware of.”

“Don’t let the greatness of others overshadow your own greatness.”

“The nice thing about RPG (Role Playing Games) is that you get a great role playing body.”

“If you expect miracles, you should pray more often.”

“I’m not overweight; gravity is increasing.”

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